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My entry for Ludum Dare 34 (Grow & 2 buttons)

aSCALErate is a fun multiplayer racing game where your car shrinks and grows to crush your opponents. From 1 to 4 players (local split screen). Joysticks and keyboard supported.

* Controls *

  • Player 1 : arrow keys left/right
  • Player 2 : A / S , and for our friends with AZERTY keyboards, Q / S also works ;)
  • Player 3 : U / I
  • Player 4 : NumPad 2 / 3

For stand alone versions, all these controls can be changed in the Input tab of the Configuration window at game start.


aSCALErate Windows.zip 46 MB
aSCALErate.app.zip 17 MB
aSCALErate Linux.zip 17 MB

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